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Pablo Woiz & Milonga Roots

Pablo Woiz & Milonga Roots

Foto: @ Rebekka Weckesser

Pablo Woiz, piano

Martin Iannaccone, percussion

Sven Holscher, contrabass


Pablo Woiz & Milonga Roots Vol.1 

2017 - Hofa Medien

Milonga Roots plays the native rhythms of Rio de la Plata region: Tango, Milonga, Vals, Zamba and Argentine folklore. 

The trio explores the African roots of the rhythms of tango, with the piano as leading instrument. 

Pablo Woiz unfolds his passion for the music of his home country, pays tribute to the great masters, and develops tango through his own interpretation and understanding, creating an unique musical language. The double bass and percussion compliments Pablo's vision and discovers new paths for the trio. 


Pablo Woiz & Milonga Roots

Te vas milonga (Fleury)

CD Recording session. 

Berlin 2017

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