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Nuestro Tiempo - Quinteto

Nuestro Tiempo  plays the music of Astor Piazzolla and others, The group is based in La Coruña, Spain.



Matias Gonzalez, bandoneon

Guillermo Bazzola, guitar

Risto Vuolanne ,contrabass

Marcelo Gonzalez ,violin

Pablo Woiz, piano


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Tango Pasion - Show 

Tango Pasion is one of the most famous shows in this format.


I take part of this show as a pianist during 2009 with Sexteto of Luis Stazo, and since 2015 until now as pianist with the Gabriel Merlino´s Sextet.

In 1982, many years after their triumph on Broadway with Hector Orezzoli and Claudio Segovia’s legendary Tango Argentino, the producer Mel Howard and José Libertella (co-director with Luis Stazo of the Orchestra Sexteto Mayor) decided to create a new, totally different tango spectacle, which would be much more than just a variety show.

Mel Howard and José Libertella, accompanied by the choreographer Hector Zaraspe and the painter Ricardo Carpani, spent many months in Buenos Aires creating a show which weaved together many different tango stories. They uncovered a cast of fabulous dancers who also represented the full range of Argentine society.

The result was Tango Pasión, which began life in a modest theatre in Miami, Florida, moving next to Broadway and then the rest of the world.

During two hours, the dancers of the Tango Pasión show let you discover the passion of the Argentinian Tango to the music of the 2003 Latin Grammy Award winner orchestra Sexteto Mayor.

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Sexteto Cristal

Sexteto Cristal keeps the beautiful sound of almost forgotten musical tradition of tango alive. The desire of tangueros for the danceable "classics" of all time was the first inspiration and horizon of the sextet on the way to create their own style and repertoire.


Maja Hunziker (violin)

Rupert Dintinger (violin)

Christian Gerber (bandoneon)

Hendrik Lessmann (bandoneon)

Pablo Woizinski (piano)

Anna-Maria Huhn (double bass)


Invited guests: Amancio Mendiondo (vocals) Guillermo Rozenthuler (vocals) Enrique Freixa (vocals) Sergio Gobi (vocals) Oscar Ovejero (vocals)

Elisa Martell - Pablo Woiz

Elisa Martell is a tango singer from Canarian, Spain.

Since 2013 we play together in duo. 


Elisa Martell, vocals

Pablo Woiz, piano



Diaz - Woiz

a Duo with the great argentinean guitar player Federico Diaz.

We play Latinamerican music, with our own arrengements as well original compositions 


Federico Diaz, guitar

Pablo Woiz, piano


Berlin Tango Community Orchestra (BTCO)

Since 2010 I colaborate sometimes with this project leaded by Korey Ireland. The BTCO is a mix of professional and amateur musicians with a didactic and recreation propourse. 




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Woiz - Foretic Tango Dúo


Pablo Woiz, piano & Damian Foretic, bandoneon,

Two Argentine musicians playing Tango music for Milongas and Concerts.


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Fracanapa Quintett

Fracanapa is a quintett wich plays the music from Astor Piazzolla and others, We use to play also with Synphonic Orquestra.



Matias Gonzalez, bandoneon

Federico Diaz guitar

Wini Holzenkamp ,contrabass

Susanne Hofmann ,violin

Pablo Woiz, piano

Some other old projects

Trio Central

Trio Central is a traditional and new tango trio, consisting of the 3 fundamental instruments of tango music. 


Cristian Gerber, bandoneon

Rodolfo Paccapelo, contrabass

Pablo Woiz, piano

Emilio Peroni - Pablo Woiz

Duo de piano. Con un repertorio dedicado integramente a la musica argentina, Tango, milonga, vals y algo de folklore


Emilio Peroni, piano

Pablo Woiz, piano



Stazo Mayor - Sexteto

I had the honour and pleasure of being the pianist of the great bandoneonist Luis Stazo (1930-2016) in its Stazo Mayor Sextett. 


Luis Stazo, bandoneon and arrengements

Christian Gerber, bandoneon

Bernhard von der Gabelentz, violin

Kaspar Domke, contrabass

Cesar Nigro guitar

Pablo Woiz, piano



6 Australes


Canciones y composiciones orginales rioplatenses


Sergio Gobi,  voice and compositions

Christian Gerber, Guillermo Destaillats, bandoneon

Juan Lucas Aisemberg, viola

Cesar Nigro, guitar

Rodolfo Paccapelo, contrabass

Pablo Woiz, piano



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